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CyLok – Cyber Security Readiness Index

Legal IT Insider has been working with a group of global law firm CTOs, CIOs & CISOs as well as industry security experts Accenture to develop and now soft launch CyLok. Which is an interactive tool that allows contributing firms from across all segments of the market to benchmark their cybersecurity setup against industry standards and in turn understand their Cyber Security Readiness.

Our research is on-going, and we plan to publish regular anonymised benchmarking reports, with comments from key experts.  Our longer-term ambition is that, with engagement from corporate counsel, the Legal IT Insider CyLok Index may ultimately reduce the level of work required by law firms to prove their security credentials to clients in RFPs and audits.

To date, the CyLok/Legal IT Insider team have already engaged with, had input from and worked with over 20 firms, as well as Accenture, all of which have been instrumental in the development of this industry initiative.

The next phase of the CyLok Cyber Security Readiness Index is to increase the number of firms and the dataset available, to create an increasingly valuable benchmark for each of the firms that have responded.

All firms who complete the CyLok questionnaire will receive a bespoke report that will score them based on the CyLok Cyber Security Readiness Index, which will detail their current readiness and also their future readiness based on the responses they submit.

Once we have gathered sufficient data, we will share an anonymised visualisation of how your firm compares to others in the market.

The Legal IT Insider CyLok Cyber Security Readiness Index is:

  • 100% Anonymised
  • Only YOU will see your readiness score
  • Only YOU will know where your firm sits in relation to other benchmarked firms

And, just in case you need a reminder on how even the largest and most prepared firms can fall foul to ever-increasing cyber-attacks see: “Please don’t think this won’t happen to you”: The lessons learned from DLA’s cyber attack

If you have any questions that would like to discuss before you complete the CyLok Cyber Security Readiness Index, please feel free to contact: Jeremy Hill, Commercial Director, Legal IT Insider on +447973483131 or

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